Not happy with your current OpenAccounts support provider?

You have a choice

Despite what your current provider would have you believe,
you have a choice as to who provides your support and annual
renewal for OpenAccounts. Any licenses you have purchased
are your licenses and you only need to maintain a support
agreement on them with an Advanced TruePartner to ensure
they are upgraded, supported and maintained.

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How it really works

Everyone would prefer that all customers are happy with their current providers but must accept that relationships can break down at times. Ultimately there comes a time where a customer is either going to switch support or move away from the system. This is not in the interest of Advanced or any TruePartner. We all want the product to remain a market leader and we all want as many organisations on the system as possible. If you’re not happy with your support from your current provider, let us know. In the first instance we will arrange to have Advanced liaise directly with you to see if your existing supplier can bridge the gap between you and re-establish a level of satisfaction. Where this is not possible, they will sanction the move. You are then free to select a new TruePartner to support your system.

How they'll try to stop you

Some providers will attempt to tell you that you are not contractually able, that Advanced (the producers of the system) won’t allow it or even that you have to repurchase the entire system in order to move. We have also seen providers suggest that you need to procure their interfaces again into their core systems into OpenAccounts in order to move away to another provider.

Why you choose us as your OpenAccounts provider

Rubixx has a dedicated in house helpdesk and over 60 years combined experience implementing, managing and supporting OpenAccounts and more recently eBIS. We have a very sleeves up, inclusive approach to support, meaning we will do everything we can to resolve your issue. Last year our average resolution to all the tickets logged with us was under a day! Many were instant, as if you want to speak to someone about your problem, all you need to do is call and we’ll happily help you. Calls can be logged by phone, email or portal, whatever suits you and the type of issue you have.

We can send you a remote connect link instantly to help you resolve your issue there and then, rather than request screenshots and bounce the responsibility back to you. We want to resolve the issue as much as you. We know how easy it is to switch and every year at renewal we want our customers to choose us again. We don’t lock you into long contracts on the promise of frozen rates. In fact, most customers often see a significant reduction in their annual costs as we don’t over-inflate them each year.

If you have a notice period but really need help now, we can also offer you a topup “pay as you go” arrangement prior to switching to get you started straight away!

So challenge us to reduce your costs and increase your satisfaction with what we think is the best Finance package on the market. Call us today or fill out a callback form.