Document Management

Advanced know that for you to run your organisation efficiently, it’s vital that information is securely stored and easily accessible. However, if that information is on paper, it is harder to retrieve, and often less secure. Also, physical storage can increase costs.

Advanced document management and imaging solutions are fully-integrated into our finance and HR solutions. They are designed to automate document management processes, enabling you to store and share all paper documents simply, securely and electronically. As a result of this, you become able to use less paper, cut costs, make information more secure, and boost your efficiency. It is highly beneficial to your business to automate the processing of your documents.

Breadth of functionality

A wide range of functionality means this solution can be tailored to any business

Seamless intergration

Full integration with other business systems, giving you better functionality and lower risk.

Quick return on investment

Customers typically see return on investment within six months.

Key Features

• Document Storage: Documents can be stored electronically to improve the efficiency of their management. The storage available is also highly secure, which helps with compliancy of numerous regulations.
• Integration: Advanced document management solution tightly integrates with other solutions including HR and finance, which streamlines your processes.

• Improved Efficiency: Advanced solution gives you the ability to upload and securely store data as soon as it comes into your business. This makes the process more efficient, and saves you time.

Find out more about Document Management

Document Management Fact Sheet (pdf)