Empowering forward thinking organisations wishing
to integrate into OpenAccounts in a modern secure
and responsive way. With our comprehensive suite of
API’s your integration project can move away from
CSV files and file actioners and join the 21st century
with secure digital receipted transactions.



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Over £ million worth of transactions moved
through OnLink in the past year

Over million transactions
per year and climbing
through OnLink

Percentage figures are based on customer average.

Why should you use ?

OnLink is a comprehensive suite of web services allowing you to write into OpenAccounts from your existing systems and integrations.

As an Advanced TruePartner we are able to provide a level of integration and support to your project that will ensure you can integrate fully. Our experienced developers will work with your team to ensure you have what you need, but critically our OpenAccounts experts will work with your business team to ensure the transactions you're passing are the ones you mean to. HTTPS transactions ensure security and compliance. Each implementation has all of our OnLink web services library so we'll help you pick the right ones for your project and the rest are there for your expansion. To-date Rubixx have used OnLink to support contractor interfaces, internal DLO systems, ERP systems and enhanced housing system integrations.

Existing integrations often export from one system and then get imported to another. Your sending system doesn't know the transaction has been received. With OnLink, each transaction is positively receipted as successful or not and if not, why not. Integration is live, when you send OpenAccounts receives, no middle man. Errors are spotted far earlier in the process, so the people who see the errors are the people who need to fix them, not the finance team getting stuck with thousands of bad transactions loaded.

Intelligent assistance

Intelligent assistance gives meaningful errors to programmers allowing swift development and resolution of issues.

Modern and flexible API’s

Modern, flexible API’s give your programmers everything they need to safely pass live data straight into your finance system, from payments to journals and from GRN’s to invoices.

OpenAccounts Integrated

Integration into OpenAccounts data means that business logic is fully applied like valid links and balanced batches.