OnPay rewrites the purchase ledger process by channel shifting
suppliers online, so that your suppliers entire experience from
purchase to pay is fully digital.



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Reduce processing
by %
in your
Finance departments

Reduction in costs
by %
on your
end-to-end processing

Increase efficiency
by %
in your
Asset department

Percentage figures are based on customer average.

Why should you use ?

Existing solutions for POP are cumbersome and expensive and other solutions focus on invoicing efficiency, on scanning paper or trying to OCR emails. It’s all very disjointed and slow. OnPay isn't a third party workflow engine clumsily bolted on the side of POP, it uses the OpenAccounts POP module directly, there's never a disparity between your P.O. in OnPay and your P.O. in OpenAccounts, it's the same thing in the same database, just viewed through a supplier portal or budget holder portal.

Suppliers can see all of their orders in their own online portal, mark them as delivered and submit digital invoices directly into your invoice register in OpenAccounts. This means there is no need for your Finance team to receive and register paper or emailed invoices. The digital approval process means that invoices never need to be printed or distributed inside your business and never get lost. Suppliers are able to monitor the progress of their invoices rather than calling with queries, freeing up more time in your purchase ledger team. Once digitally approved invoices are loaded directly into the appropriate pay run automatically.

Have your finance department go paperless with our fully integrated supplier portal, allowing suppliers to access their purchase orders and upload digital invoices securely, submitting them through into the OpenAccounts system directly. OnPay provides suppliers with a secure online portal to receive purchase orders, print copies, add variations for approval, trace payment progress, deal with queries, add notes, images and documentation. Transactions integrate with OpenAccounts POP system and are fully compatible with eBIS installations.

Reduce Costs

Reduce administration costs by empowering suppliers to channel shift online.

Reduce paperwork

Reduce paperwork by allowing suppliers to upload digital invoices securely.

Pay in terms

Suppliers are more likely to get paid in terms.

Allow your contractors to receive, manage, vary and submit works orders for payment on our portal. Once approved in our comprehensive automated validation process the contractor can digitally submit their invoice which passes seamlessly into the OpenAccounts purchase ledger as an authorised payment. Last Year over 2.1million transactions occurred over our web services connecting suppliers, customers and other third parties together gaining massive efficiencies.

Fully integrated

Fully integrated into your housing management system.

Keep control

Suites of dashboards available to track progress and keep control.

Bridge the gap

Bridges the gap between your housing management and OpenAccounts system.

If you're setting budgets on spreadsheets and emailing back and forward, you'll already knowhow complex budget holders find it to understand and follow. OnBudget allows budget holders to see previous years spends and forecast them forward with an inflator at the click of a button. If your budget has exceptional spend, add this afterwards and there you're ready to click the button to submit the proposed budget. Once approved it's loaded straight into OpenAccounts, no CSVs and no spreadsheets.

Live Views

Clear and live visibility of budgets as you spend.


High levels of automation for consistent budget posts.

Plan your budgets

Plan each budget line for the next year with automated phasing or manual spend forecasts.

Allow suppliers to

• Access their purchase orders securely
• View and request variations
• Mark orders as completed
• Import digital invoices for payment

Allow OpenAccounts users to

• Dispatch orders from OpenAccounts in a GDPR compliant manner
• Approve or reject variations outside a suppliers tolerance
• Have invoices come into OpenAccounts as pre authorised payable documents
• Never see a paper PO or invoice