The future of Housing Management Systems

Lets start from scratch!

Rubixx is calling for all pioneering and innovative organisations to get
involved in the creation of the UK's newest Housing Management System.

Get involved

Open integration
allows other finance systems to fully integrate

£10 per lettable assets
per year
with a minimum 1000 asset charge

Modern platform
allows remote working or on a browser

*Excludes VAT

Who are we looking for?

Are you one those housing organisations or professionals who are always asking why?

Do you constantly hear yourself or your organisation asking any of these questions:

• Why do we do it that way?
• Why can’t we do it a better way?
• What do we need to do to make that better?

If the answer is yes then we want to hear from you.

At Rubixx, providing multi-channel software is at our core, but we need to work with pioneering and innovative organisations to ensure we design an end-user experience that we know works for you and your customers. That’s right, we want to work with your customers too, cause who better to design the tenant interactions but you... and your tenants.

And it’s not just Housing Associations that we want to get involved. We also want to hear from small suppliers that produces incredible software that works with social housing and want to integrate to Rubixx Housing as we want to give you access to our APIs and help you pre-build your integration to us so we can feature you on our marketplace – free of charge of course.

So... what makes Rubixx Housing different?

Clear pricing… and we mean really clear!

Cost per asset per year, no upfront software license costs and tiered implementation options to suit you. No modules, no pushy account managers, just great software from people excited to work with you to continuously make it better.

In the interests of transparency, the only additional costs you would get would be if you sent SMS or AutoLetters.

AutoLetters are letters triggered from the system that go straight to managed print, get printed franked and sent for you, with a PDF going onto the relevant digital file. That can be arrears, rent increases or even auto contact updates when SMS messages bounce. That costs us money, so we pass that onto you.


Fully Inclusive Modules

Clear pricing… and we mean really clear!

That's right... once you have Rubixx Housing, you have it! Rubixx Housing is fully inclusive which means that all the enhancements and new modules made over the next few years will be included in your releases.

There will be no up-selling or after-sales by your Account Manager, instead they'll be targeted on your satisfaction scores.

Remember... customer satisfaction is the key to our success.

So... what makes Rubixx Housing different?

No Pushy Cold Calls or Annoying Sales Emails

Remember... all the modules are included so you won't get any pushy cold calls or annoying sales emails from us trying to sell you the newest 'thing' on the market.

The only regular contact your Account Manager will make with you will be focused on helping you get the most out of the system.

As a partner your journey of continuous improvement is important to us, so your Account Manager will only contact at a frequency agreed with you.


Collaboration with the best

We're tired of all the closed doors and poor CSV interfaces

Rubixx has an enviable reputation for integration now and we’re bringing that to the housing platform. We transact over 3 million housing transactions per year over our current integration platform and work with some of the largest providers, but for Rubixx Housing we’re open for business.

We’ll provide standard open integration free of charge to your other suppliers to help you choose the 'best in breed' systems that work for your business. Maybe you don’t like our included mobile working, or you want to begin an IoT project? No problem at all, choose the best solution for your business and we’ll give them access to your API suite. Once someone successfully integrates to us, we’ll give them a spot on our Rubixx Marketplace, allowing others to see how they work and integrate to us. We’ll even certify that integration, so you know what it does and how it works.

Multi-Channel at the Core

As Rubixx Housing has been written from scratch to be in the cloud, we have multi-channel built into our core. This means you can engage with your customers through:

• email
• portal
• voice call
• or even a good old letter

Regular Updates

We will make changes to the software all the time and the releases are put out every 8 weeks, meaning it’s up to date with the latest issues and challenges facing the sector.

With it being hosted in our secure cloud, we do the work to upgrade, you just need to enjoy the results. That’ll keep your business able to track current issues like disrepair, COVID and building safety. It also means that if you suggest an enhancement and it’s a good one, it’ll probably be on your screen within a couple of months!

Co-Operative Approach

Remember... Rubixx Housing is a young evolving system. We’re not yet as functional as the big boys, so sometimes we'll say no. Not in a bad way but if you ask “does the system do this” then we could say no.

Our no will however be rounded off with one of the following likely statements:

• No, but we’re interested in building that into our core for everyone, would you be interested in a partnership to develop it.
• No, that’s not our core business and not really what we’re good at but we have some partner organisations who are excellent in the marketplace.
• No, that’s not our core business and not really what we’re good at and we don’t have any partners at the moment but if you want to find the solution that best suits you we’ll work with them to give them access to the touchpoints they need and bring them onto the Rubixx Marketplace.