At Rubixx we value our clients by providing them with outstanding service that will enrich the use of our software.
In doing this it will show them just how exceptional software and support can be.

No receptionists, gatekeepers or unmanned helpdesk. Rubixx supply direct contact to all of our experts and you
have a named expert for each of our products and a named account manager, both with direct lines.

We fill the gaps you need short term. Many of our clients can't justify a full time developer, systems
expert or change manager. Rubixx come in and out of our client's teams as and when you need it.

If you're looking for a stuffed shirt in a tweed suit to agree with everything you say and suggest you buy other consultants in to fix
a problem, then thats not us. Rubixx is solution oriented, hands on experts, providing finished solutions as part of your team.

Many of our clients have been with us in one way or another for years. Rubixx sell primarily by referral
and reputation but thats because we are in this business relationship for the long term.

No system technobabble. Just jargon free, understandable solutions based on sector expertise.

Your enhancement suggestions and ideas are like gold to us. Rubixx takes the best of them and incorporates them into
our core products and services. This means that the whole of our client base benefits from each others experience.