Ready for a seamless web based FMS?

With multi/intercompany processing enabled along with multi currency, check out Rubixx Accounts below to find out why it's the perfect system for you!

What does Rubixx Accounts include?

Purchase Ledger

  • Unlimited purchase ledgers available.

  • Linked to P2P for automated purcase orders/invoice matching.

  • The supplier portal is fully automated with the ledger allowing suppliers to record invoices and pass through to their account via workflow approval.

  • More efficient processing through single entry screens with auto generated credit notes being matched to the invoice. User defined emails for outputting BACS remittances.

  • Online payments to banks.

  • Multiple processing entries - manual/imported/digital.

  • Phasing across multiple years.

Sales Ledger

  • Unlimited sales ledgers available.

  • Debt chasing facilities with user defined letters and statements.

  • Linked to customer portal allowing customers to view transactions and make payments to their account.

  • Payment plans for outstanding invoices.

  • Direct debit budget plans for customers wishing to pay in advance.

  • Direct Debit facilities with automation to the bank.

  • Multiple processing Entries – Manual/Imported/Digital.

Nominal Ledger, Project Ledger & Budgeting

  • Recurring/Manual and imported Journals for both.

  • Intercompany processing.

  • Multi currency.

  • Budget models.

  • Imports/replications/phasing.

  • Budget holder portal for planning and approving.

  • Links to P2P for budget checking.

  • Commitments update.

Cash Book

  • Unlimited cash books with links to banks for reconciliation.

  • One of payments facility with digital remittances.

  • Auto reversal of journals.

  • Journals processed manually/imported.

  • Fully integrated to the nominal ledger for period end reconciliations.

Fixed Assets

  • Components with optional links to Rubixx Housing.

  • Fixed Asset journals – Manual/imported.

  • Automatic Depreciation calculation with imports available.

No annoying cold calls

Remember... all the modules are included so you won't get any pushy cold calls or annoying sales emails from us trying to sell you the newest 'thing' on the market.

The only regular contact your Account Manager will make with you will be focused on helping you get the most out of the system.

As a partner your journey of continuous improvement is important to us, so your Account Manager will only contact at a frequency agreed with you.

Updates Every 8 Weeks

We will make changes to the software all the time and the releases are put out every 8 weeks, meaning it’s up to date with the latest issues and challenges facing the sector.

With it being hosted in our secure cloud, we do the work to upgrade, you just need to enjoy the results. That’ll keep your business able to track current issues like disrepair, COVID and building safety. It also means that if you suggest an enhancement and it’s a good one, it’ll probably be on your screen within a couple of months!

See Rubixx Accounts in action below!

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Rubixx Accounts is built in the cloud, meaning that you can access it anywhere on any device, no more managing servers and updates. You're always using the latest technology.

Open API

Our Open API allows you to fully integrate Rubixx Accounts into your in house systems, workflow engines and third parties. We also support a growing community of third party vendors on our marketplace. We're open for all API integrations, we don't discriminate.

Updates Every 8 Weeks

We don't like yearly update cycles, so we've scrapped that and instead, give you updates every 8 weeks included in your price.


Customers still using Fax? Email? or are they only available on twitter? no problem, Rubixx Accounts suports a multi-channel system meaning you can comunicate with your customers, the way that is easiest for them.

Simple Pricing

Tired of the the quoted cost not actually being the final cost? With Rubixx Accounts we wanted it to be as simple and transparent as possible, so we offer 3 simple pricing options.

Fully-Inclusive Modules

There's various modules covering all aspects of accounts. Purchase Ledgers, Sales Ledgers, Nominal Ledger, Project Ledger, Budgeting, Cash Books, Fixed Assets.


  • Housing Bolt-On
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Sales Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger, Project Ledger & Budgeting
  • Cash Book
  • Fixed Assets
  • £5.00 Per Asset/Year
  • Current Rubixx Housing Customers Only
  • Standalone
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Sales Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger, Project Ledger & Budgeting
  • Cash Book
  • Fixed Assets